About me

Hello πŸ‘‹ , my name is Kristina and welcome to my site!

I'm currently a university student studying a Master of City Planning πŸŽ“

I decided to create my own personal website as a space to express my personal thoughts and ideas whether that be through writing ✍️ , photography πŸ“Έ , video πŸ“Ή , or whatever. I'm interested in a whole bunch of topics and at this point have no idea what I'll be exploring. It's all a bit of an experiment really, I just hope to create a body of work I'm proud of.

I imagine that overtime this site will evolve into something more well defined and structured, but for now I'm happy to let it be chaoticπŸ’₯  ️

For now I hope that at least some of you can find something on here that sticks, enjoy ✌️